Welcome to the updated website of Rulevye Systemy Ltd.! We strived to make the new version as user-friendly, concise and informative as possible to convey our main achievements, ideas, and vision of the development of our company.
The preparations for the production of rack-and-pinion steering gears for passenger cars have been successfully completed. In collaboration with our foreign partners, we launched a modern automated assembly line and a section for machining body parts (housing) of steering gears.
Despite the withdrawal of European companies from the Russian market, including the suspension of the activities of the IATF in Russia, the Quality Management System of Rulevye Systemy Ltd., certified under IATF 16949, continues to operate according to the established standards.
Following the shutdown of production at our main Customers’ facilities, we organized advanced training and temporary work for our employees.
Following the instructions of Albert Karimov, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, topical working groups on critical components in the automotive industry have been formed.
We are pleased to announce that the restart of operation at AVTOVAZ JSC allows our company to return to a full-fledged production life. Since the 10th of July, the production at main facilities has been resumed. Rulevye Systemy Ltd. relaunched the components supplies and manufacture of steering gears for AVTOVAZ Plant!