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Rack-and-pinion steering gear with a built-in HPS

The company's experience is based on the long-term production of steering gear for the LADA PRIORA car. This custom design was developed as a modification of the LADA 2110 project under the acquired license of the German company ZF.

LADA PRIORASerial production

The design features are the composite housing made of an aluminium part and a steel hydraulic cylinder pipe, as well as the central location of the steering rods. The reliability of this design is confirmed by the 11-year history of the production of the LADA 2110 and LADA PRIORA cars until the completion of their serial production at AVTOVAZ JSC in 2018.

As an alternative to imported products, specialists of our company have developed and manufactured several prototypes of a steering gear with a built-in hydraulic power steering and tie-rods for the LADA LARGUS car. This product has successfully passed bench and road tests on the company car and has demonstrated excellent characteristics in terms of driving comfort and intuitive steering, as well as good performance characteristics.


The main components of a rack-type HPS system:

  • Rack-and-pinion steering gear with a built-in HPS.
  • Vane oil pump + bracket assembly.
  • Oil tank.
  • High-pressure and low-pressure hoses.
  • Heat exchanger.

Technical parameters:

  Number of rotations of the steering wheel 3,0 3,2
  Gear ratio 28,27 44,04
  Operating pressure, MPa 9,6 – 10,4 10
  Pump capacity 6 L/min 5 L/min
  Maximum oil temperature 120 С 120 С
  Total oil volume in the system 1 L 1 L
  Oil tank capacity 0,4 L 0,4 L