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Rack-and-pinion mechanical steering gear with tie-rods without power steering

Based on the existing competencies, the company is able to develop and put into production rack-and-pinion mechanical steering gear without power steering in the shortest possible time.

LADA XRAY-CROSSSerial production
LADA GRANTA NEWSerial production
LADA VESTASerial production

This ability is proven by a number of successful projects — both launched and being in the final stage of production preparation:/p>

Steering gear for LADA Xray-Cross:

A design by Rulevye Systemy Ltd. specialists. Enhanced cooperation with Russian suppliers contributes to a high level of product localization — 95%. While working on this project, we introduced modern requirements for process management according to the ANPQP standard and confirmed the high level of the Quality Management System in compliance with the RENAULT-NISSAN-AVTOVAZ Alliance requirements (ASES rank B)./p>

Steering gear for LADA GRANTA NEW:

This project for production preparation of the steering system for the CMFB-LS RENAULT-NISSAN-AVTOVAZ platform involved completion of the product industrialization at Rulevye Systemy Ltd. facilities. With the technical support of a global company, a modern assembly line and the machining equipment have been commissioned. In the course of the project, we’ve gained the experience of a world leader in the production of steering systems in terms of process approach, engineering, and project management.

Steering gear for LADA VESTA:

As part of an import substitution initiative, the specialists of Rulevye Systemy Ltd. on short order completed the design development, the necessary calculations of gear coupling and manufactured first prototypes of the product for road and bench tests. A digital validation was also performed. Unification with existing projects allows to minimize the costs of developing and setting up the production at the facilities of Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers. Serial production was launched in April 2023.

For the time being, our experience allows us to independently develop and validate the product according to customer requirements, manage processes per the international requirements of IATF 16949 and ANPQP standards, as well as industrialize the product in the shortest possible time and with a high level of automation.

The production cycle of rack-and-pinion mechanical steering gears at Rulevye Systemy Ltd. includes:

  • Machining of the aluminium housing of the steering gear.
  • Complete assembly of the steering gear with control operations.


As a result, the car manufacturers receive a total of 110 points under the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719 «ОOn confirmation of industrial production in the territory of the Russian Federation” dated July 17, 2015».

Technical parameters:

  Weight, kg M 7,5 7,0 6,7
  Rack travel, left/right, mm h 75,7/75,7 72,8/72,8 76,7/76,7
  Number of rotations between end positions n 2,87 2,96 2,88
  Gear ratio, mm/rev i 52,7 49,19 53,3
  Rack diameter, mm - 26 25 25
  The centre-to-centre distance between balls of IBJ, mm A 679 678 679
  Yoke position, mm B 195 204 204
  Left bracket position, mm C 153,5 153,5 158,5
  Axial distance along brackets, mm D 307 307 317
  Steering rod length, mm E 361,0 370,7 370,5
  Housing angle, ° α 22°00' 23°30' 24°32'
  Pinion offset, mm L 272,3 239,0 231
L1 212,9 179,1 170,6