Production technologies

Automated assembly of steering gears

We accept and maintain full responsibility for the safety and reliability of our steering systems.

For this reason, we carry out full assembly of steering gears with 100% control of their characteristics, 100% control of the quality and parameters of the assembly. Maximum automation of the assembly process minimizes the impact of the human factor and ensures proper identification and traceability of the components used. Also, temperature and humidity are controlled to ensure process stability.


  • Automated assembly line by AUMATIC for rack-and-pinion mechanical steering gears.
  • Station assembly of RCB steering gears.
  • Semi-automated assembly line for rack-and-pinion steering gears.

Machining of body parts

We have mastered the machining of complex body parts made from high-strength cast iron for hydraulic power steering gears and from aluminium alloy for rack-and-pinion steering gears.

The use of a combined tool and stream machining ensures process stability and high level of quality. Our basic equipment is 4-axis MAZAK machining centers (Japan), characterized by high machining accuracy and reliability of operation. Aluminium castings are machined on CHIRON and DMG MORI 5-axis machines.


  • HAAS EC 400.
  • MAZAK HTC 400 H 400N / FH680.

Testing: validation and control

Steering characteristics are controlled on the level of manufacturing technology. We perform pneumatic and hydraulic automated tests of hydraulic steering gears tightness during the production process.

All our steering gears, including mechanical ones, are tested during production, and their key characteristics are registered with the help of specialized test benches. In-house laboratory allows to control geometric parameters of body parts, conduct cyclic durability tests, tests at low temperatures, as well as assess roughness, hardness, and other characteristics. Our cooperation with AVTOVAZ JSC and specialized laboratories covers the whole range of research and validation tests of steering materials and components.

Testing and control equipment:

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine HEXAGON METROLOGY GLOBAL PERFORMANCE 07.10.07 PH10M SP.
  • Specialized test benches for steering gear performance control.
  • Special laboratory equipment (roughness control, hardness testers, etc.).
  • Special testing equipment (cyclic durability tests, tests at low temperatures, etc.).

Special processes

In the course of steering production, we use special processes, such as honing, welding, rotary forging, painting, and washing.

The mastered technologies cover the entire production cycle and are implemented in the manufacture of steering: for honing the diameter of the housing for the hydraulic control valve, for welding components, for washing of complex body parts after machining, and for protective painting of the surfaces of the hydraulic power steering.

Special equipment:

  • Honing equipment.
  • Welding equipment.
  • Painting equipment.
  • MIZOTTY washing equipment.

Lathe machining

In addition to steering gears, we have mastered the production of parts and components of the steering systems, for which lathe machining is used.

We prioritize localization of the system components and produce a part of those in-house (on the internal site) to ensure the quality and reliability of the system as a whole.

We prioritize localization of the system components and produce a part of those in-house (on the internal site) to ensure the quality and reliability of the system as a whole. Equipment list:

  • GOODWAY GA 2000 / GLS 2000.
  • MAZAK MP 410/610.


  • Assembly
  • Machining
  • Testing
  • Special processes
  • Lathe machining