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Pumps, intermediate shafts, tanks, brackets, pulleys, hoses and other components of steering systems

Our company is a system supplier of steering, providing a comprehensive technical solution for the entire steering system.

Serial production

By performing development, validation, and fine-tuning of steering systems of various types, our company, among other things, draws up technical requirements for other components and modules of steering systems. At this stage, we also carry out selection and management of Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers, as well as outsourcing management in the field of product/process development and validation.

For the time being, our company has organized in-house production and manufacture of the following steering components at the sub-suppliers’ facilities:

  • Pulleys.
  • High-pressure hoses.
  • Intermediate telescoping shafts.
  • Hydraulic pumps.
  • Hydraulic oil tanks.
  • Brackets made of stamped sheet metal.
  • Cast aluminium brackets.
  • Spacers.