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Rack Type Electric Power Steering

The priority development area of our company is the designing and integration of steering gears with a built-in power steering on the rack as a car system.


Currently, our company is working on the design of this product together with a foreign partner. Prospects for the use of Rack Type Electric Power Steering are supported by the trend of prioritizing cars with high environmental requirements (“low carbon footprint”), light commercial vehicles and light-duty trucks, as well as on the future development trends of road transport in terms of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS).

The technical parameters of the designed product will allow to integrate this type of power steering system in various vehicles, ranging from D and E passenger cars and heavy SUVs to medium-duty trucks and buses.

Technical parameters

  Reduction ratio 44-55 mm/rev


Gear ratio

2,7 – 3,6
  Maximum rack load 15-23 кН